Walking with my eyes closed

CONTROL ! The dictionary defines Control as the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.

God gave man control over the earth in the beginning . We gave that up ! Hence, my problem. My innate nature remembers that i had control over everything. Since the day i gave that up i have been fighting a losing battle to regain it.I use the word I because i am Adam and so are you. As a man i want to control my life. whats funny is that every time i think i have control over something WHAM chaos ! The bible says that Satan has control over the earth. Wow ! i did that ! I gave up control of my life and now i want it back ! Take a look around you ,the world is out of control. We have no idea what we are doing.

I’m not a preacher at all but the only way i see for Man to have control over his life is to surrender control over to God . Crazy huh ? anybody else have a better way ? I’ve tried everything and so far the only thing that seems to give me some semblance of what i seek is God. why not go back to the one who told you that you had dominion over it all.


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